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The Trouble with Transports – part 1 of 2

1 Jul 17
Posted by curtis

There is an epic Star Trek episode called “The Trouble with Tribbles” (Season2, Episode15) – it came to my mind today when I was explaining why the SAP Transport construct conflicts with the need to be Agile. As the story goes… “The trouble arises with tribbles – small furry creatures that seem to multiply without […]

Coding in Concrete

22 May 17
Posted by curtis

When agilists who guide transformations get pulled into a SAP effort, they that everything they know of will apply. The first problem is that SAP isn’t a normal programming language… it’s a combination of configuration and small bits of code.  The toolset has no natural “undo” and the complexity of business requirements demands multiple specialists. […]

Demonstrate Progress rather than Report

18 Dec 16
Posted by curtis

One of the important ‘features’ of agility is the demonstration of working code on a cadence.  In SAFe we demonstrate working software at regular intervals.  For one of my projects, we had the Product Owner personally demonstrate working code (in the FUT environment) to her peers every Day 10 afternoon at 2pm.  It was like […]

SAP’s own Agile Journey

29 Nov 16
Posted by curtis

Agile @ SAP?  There have been whispers of SAP actually using agile concepts to *build* future enhancements of SAP.  Now we get to hear about it from an insider; Albrecht Schuppert, SAP’s enterprise architect and agile transformation lead.

Structured Agile

2 Aug 16
Posted by curtis

No matter the size of your implementation, we believe that the Scaled Agile Framework® serves as a good starting point for a structured approach to integrating Agile processes into your SAP development work. The stratification of team to program to portfolio and the introduction of a focus on the Value Stream brings value to any […]

Agile User eXperience for SAP

12 Jun 16
Posted by curtis

I found this article interesting, especially considering that SAP’s user interface isn’t the freshest in the market: Agile UX: Designing the User Experience in an Agile World by Lydia Waldmann.   Lydia lays out a reasonable approach to apply the creative process of UI/UX to a cadence-based planning structure of Agile. Be sure to read […]

Lean SAP Delivery® by ENSEAD

11 Apr 16
Posted by curtis

Mark Twain, in his own autobiography, said: “There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new […]

“Agile Software Engineering” from SAP? Who knew?!?

14 Mar 16
Posted by curtis

Thanks to Juergen Heymann’s post on the SCN, I became aware of a very interesting training offering available from SAP. The offering is intended to enable software development teams to: Produce better code quality in less time Reduce long-term maintenance effort Be more responsive to changing requirements Avoid the excessive stress in the final stages […]

Continuous Integration (CI) – is this ideal practice really possible with SAP?

6 Feb 16
Posted by curtis

I will admit I am at a loss to explain *how* we overcome the ingrained objections by SAP developers for delivering continuously. I can show them every which way to Sunday the value gained through flow, but the usual response is that it can’t be done. Then, I uncover an in-depth writeup about CI on […]

“Agile Project Delivery” training for SAP Activate

5 Feb 16
Posted by curtis

It appears that SAP has a bolt-on training course that supplements their newly released “SAP Activate” Methodology.   The content of the Agile Project Delivery (ACT200) course is interesting indeed. This is perhaps the closest to a proper Agile course agenda as we’ve seen from SAP. Content Introduction to agile concepts and SCRUM Understand SAP […]

“Agile SAP Project Implementation” training

1 Feb 16
Posted by curtis

While it’s not OUR approach, if you’re seeking a training class from SAP itself, this one might be worth considering. Agile SAP Project Implementation Hertogenbosch, NL 7 Mar 2016 – 8 Mar 2016 1,330.00 € (EUR)   The 2-day class will be held in the Netherlands in the city of Hertogenbosch about 90 minutes drive […]

Agile for SAP!? You better believe it

15 Jan 16
Posted by curtis

I found this engaging podcast from 2011 – while all about ASAP of the day, it still posits the idea that it’s possible to implement Agile in an SAP environment. There are several useful nuggets of information in the interview with Jason Fair of Genesis Consulting (see our bookmarks page for details about this Consultancy). […]

Our new year’s resolution…

1 Jan 16
Posted by curtis

No more waiting, no more delays… stop contemplating… instead, learn by doing. These are the principles we espouse and it’s time we take action and launch.   This “Agile for SAP” site is intended to take the learning I’ve gained since January 2014 applying true agile and scrum in one of the world’s largest SAP […]

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