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Our new year’s resolution…

1 Jan 16
Posted by curtis

No more waiting, no more delays… stop contemplating… instead, learn by doing. These are the principles we espouse and it’s time we take action and launch.


This “Agile for SAP” site is intended to take the learning I’ve gained since January 2014 applying true agile and scrum in one of the world’s largest SAP development shops. When I first accepted the challenge, despite my best efforts to research it in advance, I wasn’t even sure it was possible. But like I said in the first line of this blog post, learn by doing. After 18 months of shepherding several scrum teams through the process, I was asked to help in a larger and wider effort at the client to establish lean-agile as a standard software delivery practice. Now, 6 short months later, many more of their SAP projects are lined up asking to “go Agile” too.


Add another layer of additional companies asking how to apply Agile in SAP, where “they say it can’t be done” and thus the desire to create an all-in-one place for the information we’ve found and the knowledge we’ve acquired.


Thanks for stopping by! Speak up, ask questions, and reach out to me if I can be of assistance to your efforts.


Curtis Palmer, Principal
Genexodus Consulting


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