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“Agile Software Engineering” from SAP? Who knew?!?

14 Mar 16
Posted by curtis

Thanks to Juergen Heymann’s post on the SCN, I became aware of a very interesting training offering available from SAP. The offering is intended to enable software development teams to:

  • Produce better code quality in less time
  • Reduce long-term maintenance effort
  • Be more responsive to changing requirements
  • Avoid the excessive stress in the final stages of projects
  • Strengthen team spirit

[SAP’s] training programs train developers in state-of-the-art technical development practices such as Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, Test Isolation, Pair Programming, Exploratory Testing and Refactoring and more.


Here is his explanatory video…


I recently reached out to him about potentially offering this course to two of my clients and this was part of his response…

We do not offer regular open courses but usually do this directly at the customer site for their teams – since it is a team training. I currently do not have an external partner yet (this is in the works) that offers the training for customers – so far this has been done directly out of development from SAP Walldorf. […] Maybe we can arrange a one-off solution before the new external offering setup is complete.

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