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Structured Agile

2 Aug 16
Posted by curtis

No matter the size of your implementation, we believe that the Scaled Agile Framework® serves as a good starting point for a structured approach to integrating Agile processes into your SAP development work. The stratification of team to program to portfolio and the introduction of a focus on the Value Stream brings value to any implementation of Agile, but especially those where SAP is in play.

When you first document your value streams (which more or less is why you chose SAP) and determine where improvements can be made to reduce delays (not just speed things up), you will be taking your first steps towards Structured Agile. The SAFe® model tells us that you need 70-125 people each on one or more “Agile Release Trains” to deliver against a Value Stream, but we’re of the mind that any number less that their target should work in this framework. It is the structure, the common language, the clear delineation of roles (even when one person may fulfill more than one), and the battle-tested approach that appeals to us.

Slide3We’ve seen several successful projects follow our model and integrate with other teams/companies without having to “scale.” It is the *ability* to scale using the framework that is most appealing, but it certainly isn’t a requirement (in our humble opinion).

Another aspect of structuring Agile is to develop a meaningful cadence and funnel to feed “blueprinting” activities in small pieces (through Features and Stories) rather than *big up front planning* efforts.

Start with STRUCTURE and then SCALE.


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