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The Trouble with Transports – part 1 of 2

1 Jul 17
Posted by curtis

There is an epic Star Trek episode called “The Trouble with Tribbles” (Season2, Episode15) – it came to my mind today when I was explaining why the SAP Transport construct conflicts with the need to be Agile. As the story goes…

“The trouble arises with tribbles – small furry creatures that seem to multiply without end. However, their fortuitous presence reveals both a problem with the wheat [that which Captain Kirk was sent to protect] and a traitor on the space station.” –

Watch this snippet from the episode and imagine that Captain Kirk is the Scrum Master as servant-leader trying to remove the impediment (not the tribbles themselves, but getting to the root cause of why they are multiplying and then why [spoiler alert] they are dying. Can you spot the noisy Stakeholder (hint – played by William Schallert)? Identify a possible Solution Architect? How about someone from Testing?

See any parallels in the quoted text above from IMDB? If you’ve worked in SAP, then you probably do. If you don’t you’ll soon realize that the trouble with transports is that they are like the tribble, they seem warm and cuddly at first… but, then they multiply in the right conditions, get very noisy, and start impeding progress by their very large numbers. Just like the tribbles multiply in the presence of food (the wheat), the SAP transports tend to multiply with presence of bugs (unclean code). The traitor may yet play a part of our story, but let’s concentrate on the transports.

The SAP transport is a one-way send job.  In part 2, we’ll explain why this is a problem and posit some suggestions on how to manage the tribbles… er, transports.


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